ICANN SSAC Advisory SAC008: DNS Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

In early February 2006, name servers hosting top level domain zones were the repeated recipients of extraordinary heavy traffic loads.

ICANN SSAC Report SAC009: Alternative TLD Name Systems and Roots – Conflict, Control and Consequences

This report examines alternative root server systems and alternative TLD name system administrators generically, i.e. according to the characteristics SSAC associates with a class of operator rather than by the characteristics of individual operators.

By elevating our examination to this level, we can focus on the common characteristics of each class of operator, and perhaps more accurately assess whether TLD name system administration and root name service operation of a given class create security and stability issues.

Industry acronyms spelled out

Confused by industry acronyms? Or maybe you just need to know more about a particular industry term such as PBX, ENUM & DNSsec.

What is DNSSec?

Internet governance - a view from the world's first community-sponsored domain.

Many of the broadly spread governance issues that have been discussed during the past couple of years have been addressed within this community environment.

On 17 March 2002, .aero the first top level Internet domain to be sponsored and introduced by a specific community sector, opened its doors for business..

Living the passion .aero

There are already more than 70 domains registered within the recreational aviation registrant groups – comprising air sports clubs and their members, federations, national associations, organizers of competitions linked to air sports, and suppliers of air sports equipment.

"We hope that the new policy introduced for this group, as well as the new simplified process of registration, will attract and encourage more registered users to this group" says Elena Vladkova, .aero Customer Liaison Specialist.

Meet the team

The first in a series introducing readers to the close-knit members of the .aero team – those responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the domain on behalf of the air transport community. In this issue, we meet Elena Vladkova, .aero customer liaison Specialist.

My job title is ".aero customer liaison Specialist", but as always, it doesn't easily describe what I do from day to day. I have three specific responsibilities: operate the .aero office, supervise the registry operation; and handle administrative requirements.

More airport codes now available in .aero

In the last issue of this newsletter we reported that Dot Aero Council (DAC) would review the option of permitting registration of a domain name matching a three character assigned FAA location code on the same conditions as IATA-assigned three letter location codes.

More than just the provision of a domain name

Whilst the air transport community is working hard to save billions in annual costs through initiatives such as IATA's Simplifying the Business programme, focused on five core projects: e-ticketing, common use self-service (CUSS), bar-coded boarding passes, RFID and e-freight.

New policy draft for .aero from the world's air sports federation

It's not only large jets that are flying high. Individuals and organizations working in the burgeoning recreational aviation sector are also valuable members of the aviation community.

Founded at the dawn of aviation history in 1905, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) is today a non-governmental and non-profit making international organization with some 100 member countries. Its aim is to further aeronautical and astronautical activities worldwide.

New policy to protect names of states, provinces and geographical areas

Following recommendations from the Dot Aero Council (DAC), SITA has introduced a new .aero policy reserving domain names relating to states, provinces and geographical areas, effectively removing these as registration options. The names join the existing list of reserved country names.