An online world needs the right connections

With the evolution of online technologies, the industry transition to Internet-style solutions is accelerating. Airlines, airports and other aviation businesses find themselves with increasingly computerized systems for ticketing, itinerary and passenger tracking, baggage processing etc. To be effective, all of these systems must deal with each other.

The idea behind .aero is to facilitate industry transition from a single centralized network to an Internet environment by developing a predictable naming structure for industry systems to communicate with each other.

.aero more than just a domain name? YES

What started with simple coding and predictability, for normal users, based on legacy 2 and 3 character codes registered as domain names has now developed into a innovative initiative to develop advanced open standards-based Internet services using the .aero structure.

This includes development of DNS-based naming structures that acknowledge the wider context of industry communications and protocols as well as the deployment of new technologies such as XML, read more.

Business applications

Today there are a number of business applications that can benefit from DNS technology-driven structured domain names, VoIP, Service identifiers, E-ticketing and baggage management read more.

BIG or SMALL the advantages are the same

Using structured names in DNS offers a double benefit for any size or airline, airport of air transport entity. Typically domain names can be setup simply and quickly at a highly affordable cost. Moreover, while you can use a sophisticated application to manage a sophisticated structure, you can also manage a node in DNS via an open source application and edit your data in a text file. So every node in DNS can determine the level of complexity for publishing its own entry in the DNS system.

New developments

Visit regularly to see what's new in the area of naming conventions and standards that are being proposed and tested using Web technology to bring both technological advancement and greater potential for service provision to the aviation industry.