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ACTS - Aviation Consulting & Training Solutions

With the vision and drive of making a positive contribution to the safety and security of aviation, ACTS has been collaboratively working with relevant partners, contributing by enhancing their safety and security expertise, capacity and governance. At ACTS we are focused in providing our Clients with relevant and actionable information, from cost-effective recommendations to state-of-the-art solutions for protecting their business and resources. Based on relevant work with airports, airlines and regulators, ACTS has also gained the advantage of easily understanding the specific needs of the different aviation industry stakeholders, in a diverse range of cultures and environment. As a result, we are able to offer our Clients a wide range of solutions and services, from bespoke ad-hoc safety and security related projects, tailored consultancy services to C-Level Executive advisory support. Whether you are an airport operator, an airline or other industry stakeholder, ACTS is capable of providing flexible, risk-based and scalable bespoke solutions that meet the safety and security challenges of your business.