Reliable, established, unique and exclusive.

.aero is aviation's own Internet space offering an established alternative to the traditional TLDs - with the bonus that it is managed by aviation for aviation.


Technically, in the daily operations of the domain, there is no distinction between .aero and generic TLDs such as .com, .org and country specific TLDs. .aero's registry services provided by Afilias who operate world-class technology supporting some of the largest generic TLDs in the world such as .info and .org


.aero is unique in that unlike other public domains. .aero can, and does, define it own policies designed to safeguard the integrity of the domain.


One such policy is the eligibility check of registrants. In most other public Internet domains, names are registered on a first come first served basis, with no requirements that registrants meet any registration criteria.
By contrast in .aero as part of the registration process you must obtain a Membership ID. This unique validity process screens potential domain registrants ensuring that they are valid members of the community. Thus maintaining the integrity and exclusivity of the .aero domain, whilst removing the potential of "cyber squatters" and domain name speculators.

Innovative Internet based services

But .aero is so much more than the provision of a domain name or Internet space, .aero is working to deliver innovative Internet-based services built on aviation naming and coding structures.

Ease of use

Registration and use of .aero domains does not interfere with existing domain structures. This is important to air transport businesses with a well-established Internet presence via the company name and country domain name. Register today.