.aero, more than just a domain name

It is a dedicated aviation resource that represents an excellent platform on which to base Internet applications. It includes development of DNS-based naming structures, that acknowledge the wider context of industry communications and protocols – as well as the deployment of new technologies such as XML.

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"Innovative Internet-based Services built on aviation naming structures"

Why does the Air Transport Community need its own Internet Space

As the industry transition to Internet-style solutions accelerates; airlines, airports and other aviation businesses find themselves with increasingly computerized systems for ticketing, itinerary and passenger tracking, baggage processing etc. To be effective, all of these systems must deal with each other in a secure and intelligent environment that respects the nature and sensitivity of Air Transport Community data exchanges and security regulations - something that cannot be found in the open public Internet space.

Business Applications

Today, there are a number of business applications that can benefit from structured domain names – VoIP, Service identifiers, E-ticketing and baggage management. Find out more.

An Internet space exclusive to aviation

With .aero the Air Transport Community has an Internet space that is exclusive to aviation and more importantly it is managed and operated, by the community for the community. Through its own self management .aero can, and does, implement policies that safeguard the integrity of the domain and that can help facilitate the secure data exchanges required by the Air Transport Community as a whole.