Register a reserved domain name

Please note that you should ONLY use this area if you are registering an airline or airport code or special industry name.

For all other registrations click here

Reserved domain names

Can be individual domain names reserved for registration or domain names with specific registration criteria attached, such as:

  1. Two character airline identifiers (i.e. or
  2. Special Industry Names (View List)

Registration requirements

Before you can register a reserved domain name:

  1. SITA, the sponsor of .aero, must allocate this reserved domain to you.
  2. You must obtain a Membership ID prior to registration of your allocated reserved domain name.

Both these requests are combined into a simple one step process here.

However, if you already know your Membership ID, then you may request allocation of a reserved name here.

Only once you receive notification of the reserved domain name allocation,
then you may register your domain name through a .aero authorised registrar.

Register now.