Your Membership ID is the key to your domain name registration

Not only it is the key element, required to register a .aero domain name, but the information attached to your Membership ID is an important source of contact details.

This information allows the sponsor, SITA, to contact you in the event any issues arise, related to your eligibility to use your .aero domain names.

Therefore, it is essential to have it correct and up-to-date at all times.

On this page you will find the tools to manage your Membership ID, in a simple and expedient manner, through them you can:

  1. Request a Membership ID
  2. Update your Membership ID contact information
  3. Retrieve your Membership ID Auth Code

Special Note

Your Membership ID contact information will not be made public, this information is only available to .aero (SITA) and to the .aero registrar, through which you have chosen to register your .aero domain name.