.aero partner associations

Industry associations and organisations representing members of the aviation community can enter into partnership agreement with SITA to become a .aero partner association. Each associations has joined the .aero initiative to bring .aero benefits to their members, and in doing so endorses the .aero domain as an industry initiative and a benefit to their members.

Members of .aero partner associations are automatically eligible to register domain names in .aero. SITA works with each association to distribute Membership IDs to all members and they no longer need to pass through eligibility verification as long as they remain members of .aero partner association.

Current .aero partner associations and registrant groups in which their members qualify for Membership ID are listed below.

If you are a representative of an aviation association and would like more details on how to become .aero partner association please contact us.


Registrant Groups



ACI (Airport Council International)

Airports, Aviation suppliers and service Providers

Geneva, Switzerland

Arturo Garcia-Alonso

CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation)

Air navigation services providers

Amsterdam, Netherlands

CANSO Secretariat

FAGSA (Federation of Airline General Sales Agents)

Air freight logistics companies

Geneva, Switzerland

Glenn Shires

FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale)

Air Sports

Lausanne, Switzerland

Thierry Montigneaux

IATA (International Air Transport Association)


Geneva, Switzerland

Mike Muller

ICAO (observer) (International Civil Aviation Organisation)

Civil aviation authorities

Montreal, Canada

Ananthanarayan Sainarayan

NBAA (National Business Aviation Association)

Business aircraft operators

Washington DC, USA

Jason Wolf

SITA (Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautique)

Aviation industry associations, Aviation distribution systems, Airlines and commercial operators.

Geneva, Switzerland

Rene Fourel

GAMA (General Aviation Manufacturers Association)


Washington DC, USA

Walter Desroiser

NAG (Netherlands Aerospace Group)


Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Ruben Dubelaar