Sponsored by SITA

Since 1949, SITA has had an operational mandate to serve the telecommunication needs of the aviation industry. As such, it has been the champion of new developments in community communication systems that allow more than 730 air transport organisations to do business.

The .aero top level domain is a natural evolution of this endeavor and by sponsoring it SITA is able to support the development of a new industry platform that will offer efficiency, predictability, reliability, and security for Internet-based communications.

SITA has always been a leading innovator of aviation communications and with the Internet rapidly maturing, the time is right to develop an Internet naming standard specific to aviation that will deliver durable advantages to all stakeholders. We view the .aero community initiative as an important means by which to achieve this.

The .aero initiative represents a significant step in this direction and provide due recognition of the benefits that community-driven standards can deliver to both the aviation community and the traveling public.

The .aero naming structure is sponsored, operated and maintained by SITA on a not-for-profit basis. All its work is undertaken on behalf of the aviation community and benefits aviation at large.