The advent of a predictable resourse

In June, with the full support of ICANN, SITA activated all remaining two/three letter industry codes within the .aero domain. More than 40 airlines and 200 airports are already using www.(industrycode).aero.

The next step has now been taken, with the development of a programme designed to link those .aero domains to airline/airport corporate websites. This is a fast entry alternative for those who know the code and like using a "system" that is predictable and works across a variety of situations.

The .aero team will continue to add links to corporate websites of airlines and airports that have not yet taken control of their pre-registered domain.

Why have we taken this action? For three principal reasons:

  • to demonstrate that predictability works
  • to help build momentum and user habits
  • and last but not least to help the community realize its goal - in recognition of the fact that, while those who are moving ahead faster than others are able to implement changes themselves, some may be prepared to accept a helping hand.

Risk of branding confusion?