".aero" - The Internet domain for aviation created as SITA and ICANN confirm Contracts

GENEVA, Switzerland global transport IT services provider SITA has signed a contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to establish and manage ".aero" the Internet top level domain (TLD) dedicated to, and governed by, the aviation community. This marks the first time any specific industry grouping has embraced its own Internet domain. Registration of names will start in March 2002 and details are available at www.aero.sita.int and in the next few days at www.information.aero

"The creation of a new Internet domain dedicated to and governed by the aviation industry marks yet another momentous occasion in SITA's long history, where we are at the forefront of developments at the intersection of IT and air transport," said John Watson, Director General, SITA. "By creating a secure and reserved Internet domain, ".aero" lies at the heart of a safer and more efficient aviation community. SITA will continue to play its vital role of defining shared community standards and developing specific applications that will serve and further the interests of aviation worldwide."

Aviation has long operated and relied upon shared infrastructure, procedures and standards and through its initiative SITA has ensured all these benefits will continue to be available in the Internet-age. The main advantages of ".aero" are that the authentication of all domain name holders protects the assets of the community, while enhancing the level of trust in Internet based transactions.

Stringent eligibility criteria, together with a specific naming convention and structure, including the reservation of industry codes and common industry names will be applied. This means that ".aero" domain names will exclusively be available to companies, organizations, associations, government agencies and people who participate in the efficient, safe and secure transport of people and cargo by air. SITA will manage the new domain on a not-for-profit basis for the benefit of the whole aviation community.

SITA's ".aero" proposal received strong support from the worldwide aviation community, including international and regional airlines, airfreight operators, airports, aerospace manufacturers and industry bodies. Early adopters are expected to be aviation companies registering trade and brand names, as well as industry specific codes, that were not available before due to others already using the ".com" domain names.

Additionally, the predictable and secure ".aero" domain names will help increase confidence that people are dealing with legitimate members of the aviation community. This is vital, for example, when airlines order spare parts from aerospace companies, to enable airfreight providers to verify ground-handling facilities, or for pilots requesting the latest airport and meteorological information, through to passengers purchasing airline tickets online, etc.

SITA's proposal for the creation of ".aero" was one of only seven new suffixes selected by ICANN to accommodate growing demand for domain names. Organizations including Airports Council International (ACI), European Association of Aerospace Industries (AECMA), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are already actively involved and others, representing all sectors of aviation, are expected to join in the coming weeks. 


For more information contact: .aero.enquires@sita.aero