EBACE 2006 Press Pack

This online press kit is designed to put information about .aero at reporters' fingertips.

In the kit you will find:

  • A .aero Q & A ,providing details about .aero, explaining the difference between a sponsored top level domain (sTLD) such as .aero and generic domains (.com, .net), what .aero offers the industry etc.  Download
  • A .aero media profile outlines the history of .aero, highlighting some current user and statistics – Download.
  • A background piece about the development activities of .aero relating to current ATI initiatives such as RFIDs – Download
  • A biography for .aero Development Manager, Marie Zitkova – Download
  • Press release from Afilias, the new .aero registry operator – Download
  • Latest press releases and announcements from .aero covering new pricing, new reserved domain names – Download
  • Customer quotes and stories – Download

Download file