Its time to understand RFID

A powerful head of steam is building up over the introduction of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, not least in air transport. As we discuss in the article on simplifying the business (see above), IATA has been mandated by its members to seek the rapid adoption of RFID for baggage.

For more information see the IATA Baggage Working Group's dedicated website at also the IATA Simplifying Business website at

There is a growing body of analysis and information on RFID available on the Web. Here are two sources that may be of interest to readers anxious to get themselves up to speed on the technology and the issues. First, RFID Journal is a paid subscription website that covers the RFID industry in depth (.)( They also publish a weekly free newsletter.

Second, in May of this year, the ZDNet website published a series of articles in a news focus on RFID. They can be accessed at (No endorsement necessarily implied – links provided for information only.)