New policy to protect names of states, provinces and geographical areas

Following recommendations from the Dot Aero Council (DAC), SITA has introduced a new .aero policy reserving domain names relating to states, provinces and geographical areas, effectively removing these as registration options. The names join the existing list of reserved country names. Names that had already been registered at the time the new policy came into force will automatically become reserved as soon they expire (un-renewed) or are deleted by the current registrant.

The new policy ensures that the .aero TLD continues to manage the standardization of naming schemes within .aero to the benefit and use of the community as a whole.

The DAC has also upheld the recommendation that all registration in sub-domains other than and remain suspended. In addition, they endorsed have SITA's proposal to modify the current policy, so that sub domains remain assigned to their current registrant groups whilst specific registration rules of sub domains are being defined.

The new policy has been published in the revised Domain Management Policy document, effective 3 April 2006. This can be found at, where a full list of reserved domain names may also be viewed.

Members of the aviation community who would like to see a change in policy – or would like to propose a new policy - can make such a request to their sector representative on the DAC, or directly to SITA.

For further information, visit the .aero domain policy page here