.aero active sites growing rapidly in numbers

Geneva, Switzerland – Aviation's alternative to .com and .net – .aero, has seen significant growth in the number of active web sites.

Marie Zitkova, .aero's Business Manager said: "the continued growth of registration of .aero domain names demonstrates the value that our industry places in having an Internet domain reserved exclusively for aviation. Not only does .aero continue to protect and promote existing aviation brands through its strict eligibility criteria but we continue to develop new policies that enhance delivery of customer information".

With more than 29,592 domain names, which includes all two and three character airline and airport codes that have been pre-registered as active web sites, .aero continues to receive a very positive reception.  Christine Karels, Communications Manager of Aviapartner, said, "The decision to use .aero as our primary domain was driven by our focus on the aviation industry. It is helping us to increase visibility and offers a platform for enhanced domain security and stability. The reaction from customers has been entirely positive."

The launch of the domain not only ensured exclusivity to the aviation industry, but also gave the industry the opportunity to create a predictive and structured domain to improve efficiency and facilitate the development of Internet based systems across the whole industry.

 Marie Zitkova added, "The aviation community is not only registering their names solely for brand protection, but are embracing this innovative domain to tackle the challenge of meeting customer expectations of speedy, hassle free service over the internet"

Belgium-based Aviapartner is one of Europe's leading independent ground handlers, delivering a wide range of services at 32 airports in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland. With more than 4,800 staff, the company deals with more than 250 airlines and almost 20 million passengers a year, as well as some 770,000 tons of cargo.