".aero" - The Internet domain for aviation created as SITA and ICANN confirm Contracts

GENEVA, Switzerland global transport IT services provider SITA has signed a contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to establish and manage ".aero" the Internet top level domain (TLD) dedicated to, and governed by, the aviation community. This marks the first time any specific industry grouping has embraced its own Internet domain.

'Impressive success' for trial of web access tool

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 11 November 2003 – The first trial of a prototype web-service has been used over 10,000 times by travellers checking flight status information at Geneva International Airport.

.aero active sites growing rapidly in numbers

Geneva, Switzerland – Aviation's alternative to .com and .net – .aero, has seen significant growth in the number of active web sites.

.aero announces changes in the .aero Domain Management Policy

Geneva, Switzerland – Following the recommendation of the Dot Aero Council, SITA activated all domain names corresponding to airline and airport industry codes. All two character airline codes, all 3 letter location codes allocated to municipal areas and all 3 letter airline codes of IATA airlines have been pre-registered.

.aero announces reduction in domain name registration fees

Following successful transition of registry services to Afilias, the new registry operator for .aero, a number of enhancements have been made to the name registration process, which includes a reduction in registration fees.

The .aero registry now operates on the world-standard Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP). The upgrade allows increased flexibility, standardization, and access to a broader distribution channel of ICANN-accredited registrars. In turn, this has lead to a reduction in the price of domain name registrations.

.aero the domain of aviation launched by SITA

GENEVA, Switzerland - Registrations for '.aero', the new top level Internet domain for the aviation industry, start today. Sponsored by SITA, the global aviation IT and telecommunications solutions provider, '.aero' is dedicated to and governed by the aviation industry. SITA and its industry partners will ensure that all users meet strict eligibility criteria so that '.aero' both protects and promotes existing aviation brands.

.aero will further improve efficiency of air transport worldwide

Following the adoption of over 3,000 .aero domain names in the first year of its existence by members of the aviation community, SITA has established a .aero initiative that will allow passengers to benefit from simplified access to critical online information regarding their travel arrangements. Currently passengers searching online must navigate through complex web sites and search engines before finding the information specific to their flight.

Access an airline website using just two characters

The new .aero Internet domain name exclusively reserved for the aviation community, and sponsored by air transport IT provider SITA, continues to lead the development of specialized Top Level Domain's (TLD's). SITA and IATA (International Air Transport Association) today announced that the world's airlines will be able to utilize their two-character airline designator code, followed by .aero, to help travelers quickly access their websites.

ACI and SITA encourage airports to adopt .aero

A globally standardized and predictable Internet addressing system for airports is a step closer, due to collaboration between the Airports Council International (ACI) and SITA. Airport operators worldwide are invited to register and use their 3 letter location identifier followed by .aero to help people quickly search the Internet for airport information.

aero a fast track alternative to corporate websites

Geneva, Switzerland – 11 October 2004 – In August, 2004, following the activation of all two/three letter codes, www.(industrycode).aero, within the .aero domain, .aero announced the development of a program designed to link these .aero domains to airline/airport corporate websites.

To date there are more than 40 airlines and 200 airports are already using www.(industrycode).aero. The program was introduced to add links to corporate websites of airlines and airports that have not yet taken control of their pre-registered domain.