aero a fast track alternative to corporate websites

Geneva, Switzerland – 11 October 2004 – In August, 2004, following the activation of all two/three letter codes, www.(industrycode).aero, within the .aero domain, .aero announced the development of a program designed to link these .aero domains to airline/airport corporate websites.

To date there are more than 40 airlines and 200 airports are already using www.(industrycode).aero. The program was introduced to add links to corporate websites of airlines and airports that have not yet taken control of their pre-registered domain.

Marie Zitkova, .aero's Business Manager said: "we have taken this action for three principal reasons:  to help build momentum and user habits, demonstrate that predictability works and last but not least to help the community realize its goal – in recognition of the fact that, while those who are moving ahead faster than others are able to implement changes themselves, some may be prepared to accept a helping hand."

The activation of two/three letter codes is a fast track alternative for those who know the code and like using a "system" that is predictable and works across a variety of situations. Using recognized codes as an "entrance" provides travelers with an opportunity to enter quickly into the world of airline/airport information simply by navigating trough to the information they are looking for – whether it's the status of a given flight  or a more general website enquiry.

Marie Zitkova added: "It must be emphasized that the activation of industry codes within the .aero domain is not intended in any way to compete against or replace existing corporate websites. However, existing domain names that are also used for branding are very diverse. A traveler will only remember the handful of brands he or she uses most."