.aero announces changes in the .aero Domain Management Policy

Geneva, Switzerland – Following the recommendation of the Dot Aero Council, SITA activated all domain names corresponding to airline and airport industry codes. All two character airline codes, all 3 letter location codes allocated to municipal areas and all 3 letter airline codes of IATA airlines have been pre-registered. These new domain names are now "active" and work as web sites until the time, the eligible airline and airport assumes responsibility and control of their domain names.

Pre-registration and activation of domain names was introduced to make sure that complete sets of codes work and there are no gaps in the structure that would break the predictability. Once all recognized codes are present, a traveler or an industry professional can always receive a valid answer when using a recognized industry code in .aero. This is very good news for end-users, people as well as systems, because they can always –guess– what domain name to use based on their knowledge of the industry codes, and access desired information quickly. Say, as a passenger, you use the LA airport frequently, you know the code is LAX, so you just type www.lax.aero and you are on the web site of the airport. That's fast!

Pre-registration and activation also serves as a very useful tool for demonstration and testing of new concepts like minimum presentation standards for mobile and wireless devices.

Simply type www.name.aero, name being your 2 or 3 letter industry code, to see if your name was pre-registered. Airlines and airport whose names have been pre-registered can simply request re-assignment of the domain name from any .aero authorized registrar.

Please contact aero.enquiries@sita.aero for more information concerning this announcement.