The exhibition domain

When you're running a trade exhibition, you need to get the message across to potential exhibitors and visitors quickly, efficiently and clearly. Air transport industry exhibitions command an increasingly global audience - so precision in marketing is vital.

Relevance is also critical, so 'hats off' to a growing number of exhibitors in the business aviation sector who are using the .aero domain to emphasize their community credentials. Three examples of this trend recently came to our attention.

Universal Aviation

Active in more than 50 countries, Universal Aviation is the ground support division of Universal Weather and Aviation Inc., which began operations almost 50 years ago providing weather briefings for Corporate aviation.

Universal Aviation covers Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, as well as the US. It offers services through independent ground handling providers, dealing with the administrative and other details needed for international travel.

Who owns and runs the Internet: the role of W3C

It's easy to forget that, when Tim Berners-Lee first thought up what he called the World Wide Web in 1990, it was intended simply as a tool for the use of fellow scientists associated with CERN, the particle physics research centre that straddles the French/Swiss border near Geneva. The TCP/IP protocol was already offering the infrastructure. Berners-Lee's genius was to find a way of connecting hypertext with the Internet and personal computers.