8 New registrars join the .aero family

Over the past few months, SITA the sponsor of .aero has been actively recruiting new registrars, to join the current group of .aero authorized registrars. This expanded sales channel offers potential registrants, as well as existing registrants, a wider choice of registrar based services in a variety of languages such as web hosting and email services, corporate services and internet know-how, over and above domain name registration

Highlighting a few of our new registrars, offering .aero registrations

A new approach to airline communications.

Once again, technology is about to change the way we communicate. We will be able to contact each other via any network or appliance, routing calls via the Internet rather than the fixed line phone network. This will offer the air transport community opportunities to cut costs and enhance operational effectiveness. Dr. John C.

Action on climate change

A global cross-industry initiative that is supported and financed by the commercial aviation industry has chosen .aero as a key part of its branding.

Enviro.aero has been established by the commercial aviation industry body, the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) to provide clear information on industry measures being undertaken to limit the impact of aviation on the environment.

Adding real benefit to the .aero domain

An important part of the work of the .aero team is to help the industry explore and understand some of the innovative thinking that is a continuing feature of the Internet community.

For example, in October last year, .aero chaired a session at the US-based Air Transport Association's e-business forum to discuss DNSSec, the technology that adds significant security benefits to the domain name system (DNS).

Airports codes released

On 1 December 2008, SITA released the three-letter airport codes (location identifiers) - reserved exclusively for airport use since 2002 - for registration by eligible members of the aviation community, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Three-letter codes that have already been registered, or which cannot be registered due to contractual obligations between SITA and ICANN, have not been released as part of this process.

December 1st - Deadline for airports to register IATA codes on .aero

GENEVA - 4 November 2008 - SITA today issued a reminder that December 1, 2008 is the cut-off date for airports wishing to register their three letter IATA airport codes with .aero, the SITA-sponsored internet domain for the air transport industry.

From December 1, these unique IATA location identifiers will no longer be reserved exclusively for airports but will be available for registration to any qualifying organization or individual, on a first-come-first-served basis and through accredited registrars.

Deep down inside the Web

The World Wide Web Consortium (known universally as W3C) continues to be the driving force behind protocols and guidelines that ensure the long-term evolution and development of the Web. We took the opportunity of talking to one of the leaders behind that process, W3C Fellow Dave Raggett.

Dave Raggett has been deeply involved with the development of key Web standards since 1992. In 1994 he launched and chaired the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) HTTP working group and drove early standards work on HTML+, HTML 3.0, HTML tables and HTML forms.

Domain profile: enviro.aero

"There are many myths and untruths about aviation's impact on the environment.

Industry Events

Aviation Outlook Summit - Australia Pacific

03-06 August 2009.

Four Seasons Hotel - Sydney, Australia

Meet the registrars - Namesbeyond

Names Beyond is a US-based ICANN-accredited registrar offering online identity protection and domain management services. The company has systems dispersed in India, South East Asia and Canada, as well as North America. We spoke to their founder, President and CEO Uma Murali.

Q: Your company became accredited in December 2005, making you one of the most recently contracted .aero registrars. What made you decide to offer .aero?