A new approach to airline communications.

Once again, technology is about to change the way we communicate. We will be able to contact each other via any network or appliance, routing calls via the Internet rather than the fixed line phone network. This will offer the air transport community opportunities to cut costs and enhance operational effectiveness. Dr. John C.

DNSSec set to change the landscape

In ‘News from .aero’ issue 10, we discussed the work that was being done to provide greater security for domain access through the security protocol DNS Security Extensions – otherwise known as DNSSec. Eight months on, progress may be tentative, but the landscape is changing.

DNSSec is one of those abbreviations that insiders understand, but which all too easily causes confusion and concern for others. However, it is a subject that all those involved in domain management and Internet operations need to understand.

How .aero can help leverage the benefits of removing paper tickets

On 31 December 2007, the deadline will be kept – and IATA's current issuance of 300 million tickets a year will become history.

Within little more than 400 days, there will no longer be industry standards for the use of paper tickets. IATA will cease to issue them. Travel agents will no longer be able to provide them. IATA's Billing Settlement Plans will no longer process paper tickets. No compromise. No slippage.

It's all in the name - www.nafa.aero

www.nafa.aero provides a case book example of the benefits of using the .aero domain as a means of providing the essential differential among domains.

The National Aircraft Finance Association, NAFA, is a US-based non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the general welfare of individuals and organizations providing aircraft financing and loans secured by aircraft; to improve the industry's service to the public; to work with government agencies to foster a greater understanding of our member's needs.

More than just the provision of a domain name

Whilst the air transport community is working hard to save billions in annual costs through initiatives such as IATA's Simplifying the Business programme, focused on five core projects: e-ticketing, common use self-service (CUSS), bar-coded boarding passes, RFID and e-freight.

RFID & ENUM Deployments promise to slash Costs and strengthen airline's strategic future

CIO's today in the air transport industry must make wise spending decisions and provide strategic direction that improve productivity, efficiency and deliver better customer service. The .aero domain, with its strong policy framework, versatility and focus on the aviation community provides excellent leverage for the continued growth of the industry's technology solutions.

What's in your name?

How complex was the process of selecting and securing your domain name? Was the name of your choice available? SITA's .aero office and .aero registrars alike are often asked why this or that name is not available.

In this article we explain some of the basic rules of domain name registration within .aero – as well as some of the developments taking place in the .aero name space.

Point number one: domain names are your digital identifier