.aero moving forward in the IP world

Traditionally the air transport community has had rigid standards for inter-system communications pinned to the underlying centralized network. However with advent of IP communications over the Internet fast becoming the de facto standards for business to business transactions and as the community begins to embrace this new technology, the absence of well defined standards restricts the flexibility and scalability of the solution.

A new approach to airline communications.

Once again, technology is about to change the way we communicate. We will be able to contact each other via any network or appliance, routing calls via the Internet rather than the fixed line phone network. This will offer the air transport community opportunities to cut costs and enhance operational effectiveness. Dr. John C.

Aviation's own on-line directory now LIVE

With more than 100 subdivisions of 19 categories, each of which is specific to the aviation, .aero's new on-line directory has the capacity to become a truly comprehensive directoy of aviation industry and associations.

The .aero directory was first introduced in May 2004 as a community service from SITA, the sponsor of the .aero domain. It has now been upgraded and expanded to provide a comprehensive online guide to .aero domain registrants, covering all sectors of the community – from airlines to air sports companies and aviation media.

Domain hijacking - be prepared

The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently published a report on "domain hijacking" and its consequences. It should be essential reading for all .aero domain owners.

The report, "Domain Name Hijacking: Incidents, Threats, Risks, and Remedial Actions", provides a succinct summary of the definition and risks of domain hijacking:

FAA airport codes in .aero currently under review

As .aero has developed, the awareness of airport three letter location identifiers as shortcuts for pilots, travelers and other industry professionals has also increased.

Current .aero registration policy allows the reservation and registration of IATA-assigned location identifiers for this purpose but most airports in the US know the code as their three letter location identifiers as assigned by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – and these are not always the same as the IATA codes.

Forthcomming Aviation Association sponsored events

Forthcomming Aviation Association sponsored events

NBAA 58th Annual Meeting & Convention will be relocated to Orlando, FL. The Convention will take place from Wednesday, November 9 – Friday, November 11, a week earlier than originally planned.

For more information visit www.nbaa.org

IATA's Strategic Information Technology Conference, 29 – 30 November 2005, Bangkok, Thailand

International registry of mobile aircraft assets

This registry will allow financial institutions to register their financial interest in aircraft and through this establish their priority of interest in such holdings. As a result, the risk of lending can be better assessed allowing financial institutions to drastically reduce the interest rates they currently charge.

Introduction Issue 11


Our identity is something we spend a lot of time nurturing. Corporate identity budgets absorb millions of dollars every year, to ensure that the company is correctly presented to its stakeholders. Getting the right domain name has become a crucial element in the mix, but the availability of top level domains has become increasingly scarce, requiring increasingly creative approaches.

It's all in the name - www.nafa.aero

www.nafa.aero provides a case book example of the benefits of using the .aero domain as a means of providing the essential differential among domains.

The National Aircraft Finance Association, NAFA, is a US-based non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the general welfare of individuals and organizations providing aircraft financing and loans secured by aircraft; to improve the industry's service to the public; to work with government agencies to foster a greater understanding of our member's needs.

New registry operator sought for .aero TLD

Geneva, Switzerland – July 6, 2005 – Three years after the introduction of .aero, a sponsored top-level domain reserved exclusively for the world's aviation community, and in view of the approaching completion of the agreement with the current registry operator agreement, SITA SC, the sponsor of .aero, is seeking a new registry operator.

The current .aero registry operator agreement between SITA SC and SITA INC B.V. will expire on December 16, 2005.