New registry operator sought for .aero TLD

Geneva, Switzerland – July 6, 2005 – Three years after the introduction of .aero, a sponsored top-level domain reserved exclusively for the world's aviation community, and in view of the approaching completion of the agreement with the current registry operator agreement, SITA SC, the sponsor of .aero, is seeking a new registry operator.

The current .aero registry operator agreement between SITA SC and SITA INC B.V. will expire on December 16, 2005.

Should we wait for CNN headlines about DNS insecurity before taking action?

Most Internet users rely on the domain name system (DNS) and navigation to find the resources they seek or to attract users to the resources they provide. The system has worked well for over two decades but a number of security and governance challenges need to be addressed if it is to meet future challenges from hackers and be capable of accommodating Internet growth, according to a new report to be published by the Washington DC-based National Academies Research Council*.

SITA seeks to renew sponsorship of the .aero TLD

It has been five years since SITA first sought to sponsor the application for the new Top Level Domain Name (TLD) .aero, reserved exclusively for members and governed by the aviation community. Now it's time for renewal.

The aviation community operates through and relies on shared infrastructure, procedures and standards. Through the .aero domain, these benefits continue to be available for communications over the Internet.

What is Enum?

One of the principle elements of a future voice over Internet (VoIP) world is called the Enumbering, or Enum, initiative. Simplistically, it is a means of mapping phone numbers to Internet addresses, in the same way that domain names are mapped via the domain naming system (DNS).

It will enable networks to know where you can best be contacted, so re-routing calls as necessary via fixed line, mobile, Web etc – or even to translate a phone call into a voice message and attach it to an e-mail for forwarding.

What's in your name?

How complex was the process of selecting and securing your domain name? Was the name of your choice available? SITA's .aero office and .aero registrars alike are often asked why this or that name is not available.

In this article we explain some of the basic rules of domain name registration within .aero – as well as some of the developments taking place in the .aero name space.

Point number one: domain names are your digital identifier