aero at EBACE

The .aero team took on a new hospitality role in early May, when they hosted the Internet café at the sixth Annual European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva – the only major European event focused solely on business aviation.

Jointly organized by the US-based National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), this was the strongest event in the show's six-year history, with almost 10,000 attendees, up 27 percent on last year.

Germany menaced by 50m insect!

Anyone with a large garage in the small town of Arlesburg in Germany may be able to make a fortune from a different source.

According to Google Earth, there's a 50m long earwig threatening the town from the north-east, currently munching its way across a corn field and heading for the cover of a nearby forest.

A sharp-eyed visitor to Google Earth spotted the earwig, which presumably crept into the picture while no-one was looking. Perhaps this is Arlesburg's attempt at gaining fame and fortune.

Industry acronyms spelled out

Confused by industry acronyms? Or maybe you just need to know more about a particular industry term such as PBX, ENUM & DNSsec.

What is DNSSec?

One step further for airline and airport codes

However we did not stop at just reserving name, all reserved airline and airport codes have now all been pre-registered and activated as .aero domain names.

Thus creating a complete and predictable network ensuring that all future development activity carried out to develop an industry interline communication network based is based on a stable and complete structure. Pre-registered codes that have not been re-assigned to their eligible code holder remain active with a redirection to the .aero website.

Predictability is a key asset of the .aero domain

As a sponsored domain, .aero unlike most other TLDS has implemented a number of name registration restrictions designed to safeguard the integrity of the domain. One of these restrictions has been the policy to reserve a certain domain names.

Reserved domain names can be individual domain names reserved for registration or domain names with specific registration criteria attached such as:

1. Airline codes (i.e. code. aero or

SITA seeks to renew sponsorship of the .aero TLD

It has been five years since SITA first sought to sponsor the application for the new Top Level Domain Name (TLD) .aero, reserved exclusively for members and governed by the aviation community. Now it's time for renewal.

The aviation community operates through and relies on shared infrastructure, procedures and standards. Through the .aero domain, these benefits continue to be available for communications over the Internet.