A memorable domain name - www.water.aero

In October 2005, International Water-Guard Industries Inc (IWG) affirmed its new focus as an all-aerospace company by launching a corporate identity based on an immediately memorable domain name   www.water.aero.

"A re-branding program like this is a major project, and one which we undertook for very specific reasons," said IWG President and CEO David Fox. "Chief among them was the fact that IWG had been through a dramatic renewal process.

DNSSec set to change the landscape

In ‘News from .aero’ issue 10, we discussed the work that was being done to provide greater security for domain access through the security protocol DNS Security Extensions – otherwise known as DNSSec. Eight months on, progress may be tentative, but the landscape is changing.

DNSSec is one of those abbreviations that insiders understand, but which all too easily causes confusion and concern for others. However, it is a subject that all those involved in domain management and Internet operations need to understand.

Forthcoming Industry Events

Forthcoming Industry Events

International Passenger Terminal Expo 2006 Conference and Exhibition.

March 21st – 23rd – Paris, France.

Recognised as one of the world's leading events for airport passenger terminal technology, security, design, operations and management. Passenger Terminal Expo attracts key decision makers and senior executives from the airport and airline industries.

Meet the team

The first in a series introducing readers to the close-knit members of the .aero team – those responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the domain on behalf of the air transport community. In this issue, we meet Elena Vladkova, .aero customer liaison Specialist.

My job title is ".aero customer liaison Specialist", but as always, it doesn't easily describe what I do from day to day. I have three specific responsibilities: operate the .aero office, supervise the registry operation; and handle administrative requirements.

More airport codes now available in .aero

In the last issue of this newsletter we reported that Dot Aero Council (DAC) would review the option of permitting registration of a domain name matching a three character assigned FAA location code on the same conditions as IATA-assigned three letter location codes.

New registry operator appointed for .aero

SITA SC has signed an agreement with Afilias to provide registry services for .aero. The agreement was signed following a rigorous selection process conducted by SITA, and with the full involvement of the Dot Aero Council (DAC).

Under the terms of the agreement, Afilias will manage registry operations (including ensuring high availability and diverse DNS service) and will provide technical and administrative support.

One step further for airline and airport codes

However we did not stop at just reserving name, all reserved airline and airport codes have now all been pre-registered and activated as .aero domain names.

Thus creating a complete and predictable network ensuring that all future development activity carried out to develop an industry interline communication network based is based on a stable and complete structure. Pre-registered codes that have not been re-assigned to their eligible code holder remain active with a redirection to the .aero website.

Predictability is a key asset of the .aero domain

As a sponsored domain, .aero unlike most other TLDS has implemented a number of name registration restrictions designed to safeguard the integrity of the domain. One of these restrictions has been the policy to reserve a certain domain names.

Reserved domain names can be individual domain names reserved for registration or domain names with specific registration criteria attached such as:

1. Airline codes (i.e. code. aero or code.airline.aero)

SITA presents .aero renewal plans to ICANN – update

On December 16, 2005, SITA submitted its renewal proposal to ICANN and confirmed its commitment to act as sponsor of the .aero TLD. SITA believes that its continued sponsorship would be in the best interest of the Sponsored TLD Community.

What registrants are saying about .aero

Our Geneva-based team recently conducted a telephone survey of .aero domain name holders who had not renewed their registrations. As Elena Vladkova explained, the principal reason was a simple breakdown of communication between the registrar and their registrant.

We also took the opportunity of asking a number of general questions over the registrants' experience of .aero. Briefly, their responses were as follows: