New registry operator appointed for .aero

SITA SC has signed an agreement with Afilias to provide registry services for .aero. The agreement was signed following a rigorous selection process conducted by SITA, and with the full involvement of the Dot Aero Council (DAC).

Under the terms of the agreement, Afilias will manage registry operations (including ensuring high availability and diverse DNS service) and will provide technical and administrative support. Through their system, SITA SC will continue to manage eligibility verification of registrants and allocation of domain names to ensure the integrity and exclusivity of the domain. .aero registrants will benefit from near real-time updates to their information, more competitive pricing, and better access to domain registration services.

"We chose Afilias because of their technical expertise, reliability, and dedication to providing quality registry services." commented Marie Zitkova, Head of .aero. "They operate world-class technology supporting some of the largest generic TLDs in the world, and have been intimately involved in the development of standards such as DNSSec and enum – standards significant to the continued development of .aero for the aviation community."

About Afilias

Afilias, a fully integrated global provider of domain name registry services, has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland - with additional offices in London, Toronto, Philadelphia, and New Delhi. Afilias provides a full range of registry services including those in support of the .ORG gTLD (under contract to Public Interest Registry), the .INFO gTLD and several country code TLDs. More information on the company can be found at