Meet the team

The first in a series introducing readers to the close-knit members of the .aero team – those responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the domain on behalf of the air transport community. In this issue, we meet Elena Vladkova, .aero customer liaison Specialist.

My job title is ".aero customer liaison Specialist", but as always, it doesn't easily describe what I do from day to day. I have three specific responsibilities: operate the .aero office, supervise the registry operation; and handle administrative requirements.

In other words, I deal with all customer enquiries and requests for eligibility verification; decide which customers are bona fide members of the aviation community; help them through the registration process, and follow up with registrars. I prepare weekly and monthly reports for .aero registrations, customers and domain names registered. I also update the public website (, as well as the .aero intranet website, with new policy and regsitration information.

Prior to joining SITA and working with .aero, I worked in a customer relations capacity for two of the largest Bulgarian travel agencies/operators.

Please keep everyone in the loop

I've been concentrating recently on a telephone survey of some of our registrants, endeavouring to find out why a number of domain names that had expired were not being renewed. As is so often the case, it turned out that the reasons were simple errors or omissions on the part of the registrants – but with potentially costly consequences!

Renewal notification letters had been sent by registrars to the administrative contacts provided by registrants - but in nine out of ten cases, these contacts had left their companies.

Unfortunately, the registrars misinterpreted a lack of response as being a lack of interest and did not take the matter further. When I tracked down some of these customers to find out why they had not renewed, they were all surprised to learn that their .aero domains had expired - and at the same time relieved to find that we took the trouble to remind them personally!

I'm glad to say that, with the exception of those registrants whose businesses had closed down, all of the customers decided to renew their .aero domains! Unfortunately, however, calling each customer and tracking who is now in charge of domain names is not something we can do on a regular basis.

As a result of this experience, we've asked registrars to ensure that .aero customers are aware that updating of their contact details is the only way to guarantee continued use of the .aero domain. So we are asking all .aero registrants to PLEASE keep their contact details up-to-date! You can always check your contact details on record by typing your domain name in the "check Name" box that appears on the upper right hand corner of the .aero public website, all public information associated with your domain name will be made available. If the data is incorrect, please visit your registrar's website and update your data as soon as possible!