Predictability is a key asset of the .aero domain

As a sponsored domain, .aero unlike most other TLDS has implemented a number of name registration restrictions designed to safeguard the integrity of the domain. One of these restrictions has been the policy to reserve a certain domain names.

Reserved domain names can be individual domain names reserved for registration or domain names with specific registration criteria attached such as:

1. Airline codes (i.e. code. aero or

2. Airport codes (i.e. or

3. Special Industry Names

Registrations of these domain names require an Membership ID and a Domain Authorization ID, both of these IDs can be requested through the .aero registration page. Only with both these IDs in hand can someone register a reserved domain name.

Please note that the request for a Domain Authorization ID is a process by which an applicant is determined as eligible to register a reserved domain name. As an example; for reserved airline and airport codes this authorization process ensures that only the airline or airport which was assigned the code by relevant authority may lay claim to the reserved name.

Full details of these restrictions are explained in detail in our Domain Management Policy.