8 New registrars join the .aero family

Over the past few months, SITA the sponsor of .aero has been actively recruiting new registrars, to join the current group of .aero authorized registrars. This expanded sales channel offers potential registrants, as well as existing registrants, a wider choice of registrar based services in a variety of languages such as web hosting and email services, corporate services and internet know-how, over and above domain name registration

Highlighting a few of our new registrars, offering .aero registrations

Germany menaced by 50m insect!

Anyone with a large garage in the small town of Arlesburg in Germany may be able to make a fortune from a different source.

According to Google Earth, there's a 50m long earwig threatening the town from the north-east, currently munching its way across a corn field and heading for the cover of a nearby forest.

A sharp-eyed visitor to Google Earth spotted the earwig, which presumably crept into the picture while no-one was looking. Perhaps this is Arlesburg's attempt at gaining fame and fortune.

How .aero can help leverage the benefits of removing paper tickets

On 31 December 2007, the deadline will be kept – and IATA's current issuance of 300 million tickets a year will become history.

Within little more than 400 days, there will no longer be industry standards for the use of paper tickets. IATA will cease to issue them. Travel agents will no longer be able to provide them. IATA's Billing Settlement Plans will no longer process paper tickets. No compromise. No slippage.

Living the passion .aero

There are already more than 70 domains registered within the recreational aviation registrant groups – comprising air sports clubs and their members, federations, national associations, organizers of competitions linked to air sports, and suppliers of air sports equipment.

"We hope that the new policy introduced for this group, as well as the new simplified process of registration, will attract and encourage more registered users to this group" says Elena Vladkova, .aero Customer Liaison Specialist.

New policy draft for .aero from the world's air sports federation

It's not only large jets that are flying high. Individuals and organizations working in the burgeoning recreational aviation sector are also valuable members of the aviation community.

Founded at the dawn of aviation history in 1905, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) is today a non-governmental and non-profit making international organization with some 100 member countries. Its aim is to further aeronautical and astronautical activities worldwide.

New, improved registration service launched for .aero domain names

.aero domain registrars can offer to their .aero customers a one stop shop for registration of .aero domain names.

On October 7, 2006 .aero the top level domain of aviation, will launch a new one step registration process for .aero domain names.

In the past, all customers had to pass a .aero eligibility verification process concluded by the issue of Membership ID from SITA before proceeding to register .aero domain names with a .aero registrar.

RFID workshop – deployment and implementation

From e-ticketing to the replacement of bar-coded baggage tags with the more robust RFID tags, ID technology is fast becoming a crucial topic for discussion.

As an emerging technology there are still many barriers to community-wide adoption, one of them being the risk associated with the deployment of RFID infrastructure and the development of applications. This is a risk that can be substantially reduced through the introduction of a shared infrastructure and service.

RFID – community lookup services for more efficient use of RFID technology

In our last edition of the .aero newsletter we talked about the challenge set by RFID community services. This time, we will look more closely at community lookup services needed for efficient systems integration between multiple business partners

We know that today RFID applications can process and track baggage/cargo at a given airport or by its carrier, but most projects today involve little integration between RFID systems of respective carriers.

Securing the Internet with DNSSec

Some 10 percent of servers in the network today are vulnerable to domain name system (DNS) attacks, and many experts expect a serious attack on the underlying infrastructure within the next decade. The DNS Security Extensions (DNSSec) Deployment Coordination Initiative is part of a global effort to deploy new security measures that will help the DNS perform as people expect it to – in a trustworthy manner.