New, improved registration service launched for .aero domain names

.aero domain registrars can offer to their .aero customers a one stop shop for registration of .aero domain names.

On October 7, 2006 .aero the top level domain of aviation, will launch a new one step registration process for .aero domain names.

In the past, all customers had to pass a .aero eligibility verification process concluded by the issue of Membership ID from SITA before proceeding to register .aero domain names with a .aero registrar.

The .aero central registry system has been upgraded and now registrars can offer a one stop shop for customers by accepting applications for Membership ID and .aero domain name in one combined request. This new functionality reduces the complexity of registration by making it simpler and less time consuming.

Once received by the central registry, the domain application will be given a "pending create" status. The name requested will be reserved, or 'locked', until the customer's .aero credentials have been reviewed by SITA.

If SITA approves the application, the sponsoring registrar and the customer will receive its Membership ID and the domain will be activated. If the application is denied - or if additional information is requested – both the customer and the registrar will be notified accordingly. To avoid misuse of this facility, a nominal fee for processing rejected applications will be charged.

The current two step regsitration process, where a potential .aero regsitrant requests a Membership ID via the .aero web site, prior to registration of a domain names through an authorized .aero registrar, will remain available.

SITA has recommended that  all registrars upgrade their systems,as soon as possible, to enable them to offer this simplified domain registration process to their customers.

Allocation of reserved names made easier

The system for allocation of reserved names such as airline or airport codes was also streamlined.

For these registrations in the past, it was a 3 step process, not only did registrants have to apply for a Membership ID, but they also had to apply for a Domain Authorization ID, before they could even start their registration process.

Now, reserved names will be associated directly with the Membership ID. Once reserved name has been allocated to the Membership ID, the customer can register the name via any registrar using the usual process.

Customers entitled to allocation of reserved names can view and manage their allocation via a set of web based tool on the .aero website here.

Marie Zitkova, the .aero Business Manager, explained: "We wanted to introduce a process that would make it easier and quicker to register a .aero domain. But we also needed to ensure we do not compromise the eligibility process in the allocation of Membership IDs."