8 New registrars join the .aero family

Over the past few months, SITA the sponsor of .aero has been actively recruiting new registrars, to join the current group of .aero authorized registrars. This expanded sales channel offers potential registrants, as well as existing registrants, a wider choice of registrar based services in a variety of languages such as web hosting and email services, corporate services and internet know-how, over and above domain name registration

Highlighting a few of our new registrars, offering .aero registrations

Key-Systems GmbH

Founded in 1998 in Germany, Key-Systems is today among the leading domain-registrars in the world, with more than 1.2 million domains under management.


EPAG Domain services GmbH is a German registrar geared towards domain resellers and corporate customers. The company explains their strategy as providing direct access to many international top level domains through a single interface.

Visit the .aero registrars web page for full contact details …

Soon to be live:  

Ascio Technologies Inc. – accredited .aero registrar

The Danish company Ascio Technologies' self-declared goal is to provide customers and partners with high quality domain portfolio management and services to ensure that maximum value is obtained from their web presence.

Name.com – accredited .aero registrar

US-based Name.com LLC is an ICANN accredited registrar offering an array of services including: domain name registration, web and e-mail hosting, digital brand management, domain name recovery, and reverse Whois. Name.com will offer .aero domains within the coming months.

Plus...  DotAlliance (Canada) and Core Internet Council of Registrars ( Germany )Keep an eye on the .aero website for more details.

Stop Press – the following 6 registrars are currently passing through the .aero accreditation process and will shortly be authorized to accept .aero domain name registrations.

CPS-Datensysteme GMBH, CSC Corporate, Domain People, EmarkMonitor, Fast Domain Inc., French Connection dba domain.fr,