RFID workshop – deployment and implementation

From e-ticketing to the replacement of bar-coded baggage tags with the more robust RFID tags, ID technology is fast becoming a crucial topic for discussion.

As an emerging technology there are still many barriers to community-wide adoption, one of them being the risk associated with the deployment of RFID infrastructure and the development of applications. This is a risk that can be substantially reduced through the introduction of a shared infrastructure and service.

There is a clear need to explore and address this topic in more detail within the community So the .aero team in co-operation with ACI will  lead a workshop  to explore how RFID technology can bring substantial benefits to the air transport community in the form of cost reductions, improvements in productivity, customer service and safety, as well as a means of generating new revenue.

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Together with ACI, the .aero community initiative invites you to join them to explore the challenge set by RFID shared community services, and to demonstrate how the "risk" factor can be substantially reduced through the deployment of community standards and shared infrastructure and services.

During the workshop the panelists will:

• Discuss the opportunities associated with implementation of ID technologies such as RFID in the air transport community

• Relate deployment of ID technologies to airports as service providers or infrastructure managers. 

• Explore whether deployment of community standards and services for processing RFID data can ensure that the community as a whole  benefits from shared facilities, whilst retaining flexibility and choice. 

• Learn how the expectations of airports to the deployment of services, based on RFID technology, measure up against the real live deployment experience of this technology from airports who have already adopted and implemented  this technology.

• Uncover the potential of the .aero initiative,  as the natural platform for DNS based lookup services needed for community operation of ID technologies.

Panelists will include:

Marie Zitkova, Head of .aero, Gregory Ouillon, VP Innovation SITA, Thomas Romig ACI and Samuel Ingalls, Assistant Director of Aviation, Information Systems, McCarran International Airport

The workshop will also provide answers to other questions. For example, how does the work on RFID relate to .aero and how can .aero leverage RFID to add extra value to partners across the air transport community? What is the role of .aero in the provision of shared services? While .aero is not itself involved in the technical implementation of RFID technology, the .aero policy framework can be used as a common platform, on which the community can develop and maintain policies relating to  allocation of digital identifiers.

RFID is an important area for development in the years ahead. This specially prepared .aero workshop will provide an invaluable level of understanding of the implications of the technology at the macro level. You can get more details of the ACI event at www.aciworld.aero.