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"There are many myths and untruths about aviation's impact on the environment. The aim of this website, developed by the commercial aviation industry, is to set the record straight." The opening words of the home page for, a new domain that is open from the outset about its origins. has been developed under the auspices of ATAG, the Air Transport Action Group that is made up of airlines, airports, manufacturers, air navigation service providers and others who are concerned with discussing in an open way both infrastructure improvements and the environmental challenges that face the industry.

The initiative has been given added weight by its partners. They include the key players of the industry - Airbus, Boeing, IATA, CANSO (the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization), ACI (Airports Council International), AEA (the Association of European Airlines), engine manufacturers CFM International and Rolls-Royce and ATAG itself. More than 50 supporters have also lent their weight, including individual airlines, airports and other organizations.

The website provides a focus for news relating to air transport and the environment from across the industry, as well as a up-to-date and reliable source of information and data. For example, the fact that today's aircraft fly the same distance with three times less fuel than they used 40 years ago.

Even for those who think they understand the arguments about the environmental impact of aviation - as well as those who do not - this site provides a valuable resource that is open and honest about its intentions, and about those who are providing the funding. As such it is a welcome addition to the general body of knowledge. And because the website is connected to the .aero domain, visitors can be assured that it is relevant and focused on its subject matter.

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