Astro-Med, Inc.
For over a decade, Astro-Med has been designing and manufacturing ruggedized airborne printers and related products, based on its industry leading Data Visualization Technology, used in the avionics industry to print weather and airport maps, communications and other critical flight information. Ruggedized printers are used in the demanding airborne military and commercial environments. Astro-Med is certified to AS9100 and is currently furnishing airborne printers for the Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed, etc.

Donovan Systems LLC
Donovan Systems provides real-time ATC surveillance and flight information to airlines, airports, Fixed-Based Operators and other aviation subscribers using customer specified interfaces for the industry data feeds provided by the FAA SWIM and EuroControl NM services. Our data centers receive the latest data products from the FAA and EuroControl operational networks using the mandated interface technologies of the respective providers. We parse, filter and translate the complex message structures to deliver the operational data you need in the format you desire. We also provide browser-based visualization tools for aircraft surveillance, flight information, traffic flow initiatives, and weather products, giving your users the necessary information to improve the efficiency of your airline or airport operations. Please email for more information or pricing.

Volanti.Aero Limited
Manage your airfield, club, or aircraft with innovative software and hardware, to save your time and keep your aircraft moving. Simplify the process of getting the keys into the hands of pilots, putting your aircraft into the air, and remove the stress that all the behind-the-scenes admin brings.