Ayjet Flight Training Organization

Ayjet Flight Training Organization is the right place where you can find all of your JAA and EASA relased aviation training issues and re-currencies.

Halcones digitales

UAS and DRONE OPERATIONS : aerial surveillance, aerial film makers, drone operations, aerial photograhy, harvest analysis, event recording, drone distribution, aerial works. Opeadores UAS: filmación y fotografía aérea, venta y distribución de drones y equipos auxiliares, trabajos aéreos.

Joint Planning and Development

JPDO is jointly managed by the FAA and NASA and is supported by staff from all the agencies involved, the JPDO serves as a focal point for coordinating the research related to air transportation for all of the participating agencies. JPDO is a Senior Policy Committee chaired by the Secretary of Transportation that includes senior representatives from the participating departments and agencies.

Mothership Aeronautics

Mothership Aeronautics manufactures and operates sUAS for surveillance aerial data collection of infrastructure. Our specialty lies in high endurance solar powered autonomous airships for linear infrastructure inspection.

The International Institute of Air & Space Law

The International Institute of Air and Space Law, founded in 1986, is one of the leading international academic research and teaching institutes in the world, specialising in Air&Space Law, legal and policy issues regarding aviation and space activities. Its objective is to contribute to the development of aviation and space law, and related policy by conducting and promoting research and teaching at the (post-) graduate level.


The SPACEPOL Corporation is a multilingual and multinational provider of literature and R&D services for the fields of Space Law and Technology Management. We employ a circular "research-literature-consulting" approach and the activities are therefore divided into a publishing and a R&D/Consulting arm. The company is a registered provider of products and services to the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, the Government of Canada and the United Nations.