Meet the registrars: handles more than 850 international domain name extensions alongside domain registration. It is an authorized registrar for the .aero domain. The company also employs domain management tools such as Domain Name System (DNS) record management and domain hosting.

Through 101Domain Worldwide Domain Manager, the company offers a secure web-based portal that consolidates domain names into a single company portfolio available anytime, anywhere. Search and registration services include legal name changes and standardization of company contact information. 101Domain also provides local DNS services in most countries directly and allows clients to set up international DNS tools to manage international hosting from one location as well.

At the start of October, the company launched its Worldwide Trademark Service, allowing for the consolidation of a domain and trademark portfolio backend system to communicate with all international law offices and registrars from one system.

We discussed their work with Corporate Domains Manager Susan Jessup.

Q: When did start, where are you based and what does the company offer today?

A: is part of the RWG Internet Marketing Group, which was launched in 1996. Our company has experienced steady growth and we recently moved into our own building in Carlsbad, to the north of San Diego in the US state of California, in 2006.We register all domain extensions around the world, and offer a custom Domain Management Utility for our clients to manage any number of domains. For example, instead of paying multiple registries in multiple currencies, a company makes only one payment to 101Domain, helping streamline administrative costs and reducing the risk of expired or lost domain names.

Q: You were working with .aero and SITA as a reseller long before you became an authorized registrar.What made you decide to switch from reseller to registrar?

A: Quite simply, we find it easier to manage, register and promote .aero domains as a registrar.We can offer better pricing. And, perhaps just as important, registration time is cut in half.

Q: On your website, .aero domain names are the priciest special domains that you offer.What are the positive and negative traits of this aspect and where would you place .aero in your marketing portfolio?

A: It's true that before we became a registrar, our price was US$ 299 for a two-year registration. However, I am delighted to report that having become a registrar, we have been able to lower our pricing to US$ 198 for the same two-year registration.We will also be offering special promotions. It's a good deal for those using the .aero name.

Q: Have you found that dealing with the .aero domain has involved complexities that you have not faced with other domains?

A: Since we register domains internationally, we're accustomed to submitting any number of forms for review/confirmation by the WorldWide Alliance of Top Level Domain (ccTLD) registries. In fact .aero is much easier to register than many other ccTLDs, and we have fround that SITA is always very prompt in responding to clients with the ID/password required for registration!

Q: How do you see the .aero TLD evolving as part of your portfolio? What plans and ideas do you have for promoting it?

A: We plan to place a logo identifying as a .aero accredited registrar on our website home page. We're also going to put up a special promotion page with special offers.

Q: Based on your experience, are there any key issues that you believe .aero must address as part of its future development?

A: Perhaps an option asking the client to send a copy of the SITA ID and password to their chosen registrar so they can proceed with registration would make the entire process seamless. I find that many people registering .aero domains are eager to launch their websites, so any option to cut down time of receiving and sending the SITA ID to the registrar would be helpful.