Meet the registrars: InterNetX / PSI-USA

Since its foundation in 1998 in Regensburg, Germany, InterNetX has been recognized as a top provider of domain products and hosting solutions. With more than 2.7 million managed domains and approximately 1,400 hosted servers, InterNetX is one of the most successful wholesale traders for resellers and professional users in the international market. The company, with a reseller network of more than 19,500 partners, has established itself as one of the leading providers for white label solutions in the international marketplace.

InterNetX is accredited with a number of registries - including VeriSign, Afilias, PIR and NeuLevel. Through its subsidiary PSI-USA Inc., the company is also an official ICANN registrar. Its domain portfolio is immense, including over 300 ccTLDs and gTLDs worldwide.

InterNetX also markets customized server solutions, server housing and the domain management interface called AutoDNS. This regularly updated software and in-house creation makes domain management efficient, simple and versatile.

InterNetX has recorded strong growth year on year. In December 2004, United Internet AG became shareholder of InterNetX; in return InterNetX acquired Schlund Technologies GmbH.

We discussed their work with Jasmine Begg, the company's Teamleader for Marketing, International Marketing and Public Relations.

SITA: When did PSI-USA Inc. start, where is it based and what does the company offer?

InterNetX: PSI-USA, Inc. is part of the InterNetX group. InterNeX acquired PSI-USA, Inc. in 2001. The company is a provider of domain products and hosting solutions offering an ample variety of domain products as well as virtual and dedicated servers and customized server solutions for resellers and providers. InterNetX operates as a technical and strategic partner in the background for enterprises around the globe.

SITA: You were working with .aero and SITA as a reseller long before you became an authorized registrar.What made you decide to switch from reseller to registrar?

InterNetX: For us, good business means having strong and reliable relationships. We wanted to be independent from a registrar and strengthen our contacts with registries such as .aero. Becoming a registrar gave us the opportunity to exert influence on TLDs. Of course, another important fact is the improved price scheme from which we can profit as a registar - and as a result hand on a price bonus to our customers.

SITA: On your website, you don't offer direct .aero domain name registrations, but you do offer opportunities to resellers. Why did you decide to go for this business model? What is the thinking behind the strapline for resellers on your website: "Do you want to offer your customers .aero domains at an unbeatable price?"

InterNetX: : InterNetX is the leading provider for white label solutions with partners all over the world. We set great store by meeting our customer's demands. So one of our main focuses lies in offering quality and an effective workflow. As a link between registry and reseller we can provide all parties involved with the advantages of our successful reseller system - such as excellent cost effectiveness, quick and straightforward services and, of course, high quality products.

SITA: What do you see as the positive and negative aspects of .aero as a TLD and where would you place .aero in your marketing portfolio?

InterNetX: As an industry-oriented TLD focusing on the aviation business, .aero serves a definite business branch with very clear demands. As a result .aero has a distinct position in our domain portfolio. For our marketing activities we can address directly the specific aviation community and customize campaigns to this very explicit branch.

SITA: Have you found that dealing with the .aero domain has involved complexities not found in dealing with other domains?

InterNetX: InterNetX offers more than 300 gTLDs and ccTLDs. It follows that we are quite experienced in implementing new TLDs into our systems. As a sponsored TLD restricted to the aviation community, and as with other special TLDs, .aero requires extra technical work but within a "normal" frame.

SITA: How do you see the .aero TLD evolving as part of your portfolio? What plans and ideas do you have for further promotion?

InterNetX: InterNetX currently has a customer base of more than 19,500 partners. New customers and resellers are recruited by out sales team on a daily basis. Campaigns tailored to the needs and desires of our customers and the aviation community is a focal point of our marketing strategy for .aero throughout 2009.

SITA: Based on your experience, are there any key issues that you believe .aero should address as part of its own future development?

InterNetX: In order to acquire more interested customers it would be necessary to make .aero open to everyone for registration. A first step was taken last year with the relaxation of some rules. But it's also important to make the process of registration as easy as possible, for example by giving as much information as necessary and avoiding complicated technical and formal steps. It would be also very helpful to provide relevant information in different languages (e.g. Spanish) in order to open new marketplaces and inform customers about .aero and its targets.