SITA announces new additions to list of reserved domain names and confirms suspension of domain registrations in most sub-domains

Following the recent recommendation of the Dot Aero Council (DAC), SITA has reserved names of states, provinces and geographical areas removing the option of permitting reservation of a domain name matching the name of a state, province or geographical area in the .aero domain.

These new reserved names join the existing reservation of country names.

Names that were already registered at the time of  this new policy will become automatically reserved, once not renewed or deleted by the current registrant.

This most recent .aero policy decision to  reserve these domain names from registration reduces confusion and ensures that the name space within .aero develops for the benefit  of the community as a whole.

This new policy will be published in the revised Domain management Policy, effective from April 3, 2006, details of which can be viewed here.

Further to SITA's announcement from February 16, 2006, registration in sub-domains other than and will remain suspended. DAC endorsed SITA's proposal to modify the current policy so that the sub-domains remain integral part of the policy, remain assigned to their current registrant groups, but not available for registration until specific registration rules of each subdomains have been being defined.

View the full list of reserved domain names here.

Members of the aviation community, who would like to propose changes in .aero registration policies, can contact the DAC member, representing their sector, details here , or contact SITA directly using the feedback form here.