SITA has pre-registered 2 and 3-letter airline and airport codes

All 2 character airline codes, all 3 letter location codes allocated to municipal areas and all 3 letter airline codes of IATA airlines have been pre-registered and activated in .aero.

In April, following a recommendation from the Dot Aero Council (DAC), the cross-industry advisory body overseeing development of the .aero domain. SITA pre-registered all domain names corresponding to airline and airport industry codes; these are now "active" with a holding website pending the decision by the relevant airline or airport to assume control and request re-assignment of those names. The re-assignment process is the same as new domain registration.

This most recent .aero policy decision, to pre-register all 2 and 3 letter industry codes, now ensures that complete sets of codes work as a coherent structure that is wholly predictable. If someone knows the industry code, they know the Internet domain. Once the recognized codes are under the control of the relevant airline or airport, then the ability to provide information to people and systems fits with the spirit of Tim Berners-Lee's vision of intuitive access.

If your airline or airport code has been registered, it is now up to you as the holder of this code to take control by registering this domain in your name. Once you register your domain and activate its website, you are in charge of the content, services and links. To find out for yourself how easy it is to take the first steps, simply visit

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