Spreading the message

At the annual convention of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (see review on page five) SITA and its partners used the opportunity to highlight the availability of three-letter airport codes in the .aero domain.

Representatives from Afilias, registry operator of the .aero domain, and Namesbeyond, a .aero authorized registrar, generated the interest of a wide variety of members of the air transport industry - from private pilots to aerospace supply companies.

"The .aero domain is in use by thousands of aerospace industry organizations and airports around the globe and is therefore a critical resource. The addition of three-letter airport codes offers the opportunity for short, intuitive addresses for airports. These can be used for a wide variety of purposes - from internal communications, to public-facing websites and provision of a domain-based architecture for supply chain tracking systems," according to Ram Mohan, EVP and Chief Technology Officer of Afilias.

To date, over 170 airports, including Dublin (www.dub.aero), Las Vegas (www.las.aero), Geneva (www.gva.aero) and Prague (www.prg.aero) have adopted this simple and memorable approach. Find out more about registration at www.information.aero.

"Through its agreement with SITA, Afilias has pledged to provide the most advanced technology to support .aero domains. This allows owners of .aero's new three-letter IATA airport codes to ensure their sites maintain the highest reliability for consumers who access them for important aviation information," Ram Mohan, EVP and Chief Technology Officer of Afilias.

To date, more than 170 airports have registered their 3-letter airport codes (location identifiers, reserved exclusively for airport use since 2002) as .aero domains.