Aeroshop, a branch of Advanced Aviation Standards S.L., is one of the biggest suppliers of leisure aviation instruments, components, accessories and related products. As part of a commercial politic, the choice of the .aero domain was in line with the identification of the company as a leader in the sector and a deeply professional and updated activity, always dealing with the latest aviation standards.

AGC is committed to maintaining its reputation as a premier supplier of precision aerospace components to customers around the world. Our great strength is the many specialized proprietary processing skills the company has created after manufacturing thousands of aerospace components and assemblies made of metal, rubber, urethane, Teflon® and plastics. These capabilities come directly from our original engineering research and development and include but are not limited to assembly manufacturing, metal-to-rubber and metal-to-plastic bonding, sheet metal forming, titanium hot forming, rubber molding, urethane molding and bonding, injection molding and Teflon molding. The key to AGC’s success is the ongoing recruitment, training and retention of experienced, highly skilled engineering and tool making staff. Cross-trained in different disciplines, our people emphasize a collaborative approach to OEM project management from designing solutions right through to customer satisfaction. Founded in 1951, AGC’s 110,000 square feet Meriden, Connecticut plant affords the scale to handle projects of size and complexity for original equipment manufacturing. Our well-organized workspace also allows for careful testing and quality control at each stage of work. A special AGC market niche is titanium hot-forming and combination bonding, e.g., rubber-to-metal, plastic-to-metal and urethane-to-metal. As a composite parts manufacturer, the company has developed comparative technical advantages in its bonding and assembly capabilities. Included in the product base is the manufacture of fan exit vane assemblies and low-pressure compressor stators. AGC is a division of Loar Group.

Air Services International LLC
ASI Services is an independent FAA/EASA approved repair station that primarily provides worldwide support for the Overhaul, Repair, and Test of Rolls Royce 250 Engines as well as the Overhaul and Repair of Bell Helicopter Components. ASI Services is proficient in all 250 series engines: C20, C28, C30, C40, C47. Sales, Exchanges, Rentals and Accessories are available at competitive pricing. We are “Your One Stop Shop” aligned with our customers needs. ASI Services has the perfect combination of dynamic leadership, technical expertise and an experienced sales team to offer our customers outstanding service, unparalleled workmanship and a quality product on time every time. Our independence allows us to offer our customers more options in the repair and overhaul of their engines & modules.

Aviall Services Inc.
Aviall, Inc. [NYSE: AVL] is a leading solutions provider of aftermarket supply-chain management services for the aviation industry. As the world's largest independent provider of new aviation parts and related aftermarket services, the Aviall Services business unit markets and distributes products for approximately 215 manufacturers and distributes approximately 120,000 line items from customer service centers located in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Aviall Services also supports a full line of aviation batteries, hoses, wheels and brake services.

Badger Aero
Badger Aero offers a wide variety of aviation services, intelligence and analysis.

Dakota Air Parts Intl., Inc.
Dakota Air Parts specializes in the buying, selling and support of a variety of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and parts - OEM & surplus. We have access to the most diverse parts information infrastructures in the world allowing us to offer the most competitive pricing without compromising quality or delivery to customers worldwide. Dakota Air Parts has an excellent reputation for supporting the rotorcraft and fixed wing communities. Dakota supports a range of aircraft including rotor wing of various makes and models in the Utility and Observation platforms for military and commercial end use globally. We also supports a variety of fixed wing aircraft including the 737, C130, and DC-9. Dakota is an experienced dealer with over 15 years of expertise in the complete process of purchasing, handling, warehousing, and supply chain management. Dakota Air Parts works with OEM's, manufacturers, distributors, as well operators/end-users to support worldwide distribution requirements in many different areas including BOA’s, Spares Procurement, Consignment Inventories, and Asset Disposal/Liquidation. Dakota also provides logistics support to the U.S. Government both directly and as a subcontractor—U.S. Government Cage Code 1BXA8. Dakota Air Parts maintains relationships with FAA Repair stations, vendors, and end-users in many different countries. This enables us to provide our customers with solid procurement and sales solutions as well as maintain good business relationships for years to come.

Engine Components
Since 1943, ECi has been a proud participant in the segment of aviation dealing with piston powered aircraft. With roots dating back to WWII when ECi was known as Pennington Channelcromium Co., the Army Air Force and the Navy relied on the corrosion and wear properties of chromium plated cylinder barrels produced by PCC. Although chromium plating was considered state of the art 60 years ago, ECi has over the intervening years moved on to new plating technology as well as other innovative and high quality repair processes for all major components of a certificated aircraft piston engine.

Finnoff Aviation Products
Finnoff Aviation Products is dedicated to the development and sales of products designed to enhance the performance, safety, comfort and ease of use of the Pilatus PC-12.

Island Aviation Holdings, Inc
Supplier of Avionic & Electrical Instruments for General & Commercial Aviation