A and E Surveyors

Our direct involvement with everyday commercial decisions, as they relate to the running of airlines, repair facilities, leasing companies and the claims handling activities for all of the aforementioned gives us an insight and an ability that is a distinct advantage for any aviation business that requires someone with a definitive knowledge of how the maintenance and operation of an aircraft effects their everyday core operations. We thank you for reviewing our information and ask that you please be encourage to contact us as and when your need for assistance arise.

Aerospace Engineering Portal

Aerospace Engineering information and activities portal. You can get to know about aerospace salaries, companies, jobs definitions and engineering schools/universities. All about aerospace engineering.


AGC is committed to maintaining its reputation as a premier supplier of precision aerospace components to customers around the world. Our great strength is the many specialized proprietary processing skills the company has created after manufacturing thousands of aerospace components and assemblies made of metal, rubber, urethane, Teflon® and plastics. These capabilities come directly from our original engineering research and development and include but are not limited to assembly manufacturing, metal-to-rubber and metal-to-plastic bonding, sheet metal forming, titanium hot forming, rubber molding, urethane molding and bonding, injection molding and Teflon molding. The key to AGC’s success is the ongoing recruitment, training and retention of experienced, highly skilled engineering and tool making staff. Cross-trained in different disciplines, our people emphasize a collaborative approach to OEM project management from designing solutions right through to customer satisfaction. Founded in 1951, AGC’s 110,000 square feet Meriden, Connecticut plant affords the scale to handle projects of size and complexity for original equipment manufacturing. Our well-organized workspace also allows for careful testing and quality control at each stage of work. A special AGC market niche is titanium hot-forming and combination bonding, e.g., rubber-to-metal, plastic-to-metal and urethane-to-metal. As a composite parts manufacturer, the company has developed comparative technical advantages in its bonding and assembly capabilities. Included in the product base is the manufacture of fan exit vane assemblies and low-pressure compressor stators. AGC is a division of Loar Group.

Aviat Aviation

Links to the aviation industry.

Badger Aero

Badger Aero offers a wide variety of aviation services, intelligence and analysis.

Space Propulsion Systems

Space Propulsion Systems, established in 1989, has developed a new generation of solid rocket propellants based upon the patented Micro-Fuel Cell(TM)(MFC(TM)) technology. The New Generation SCF-MFC solid propellant technology permits the use of powerful propellant ingredients that are presently unusable due to instability, or that are too costly, or both. The technology offers the benefits of both cheaper/more powerful propellants with controllable thrust, providing significant cost/performance benefits to the aerospace industry.


The SPACEPOL Corporation is a multilingual and multinational provider of literature and R&D services for the fields of Space Law and Technology Management. We employ a circular "research-literature-consulting" approach and the activities are therefore divided into a publishing and a R&D/Consulting arm. The company is a registered provider of products and services to the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, the Government of Canada and the United Nations.

Tilgreen Aviation Inc

Tilgreen Aviation provides consulting to the aviation and aerospace industry in the areas of; Social Media ✈ Aviation Technology ✈ Sales & Marketing ✈ Aircraft Acquisitions ✈ Flight Training ✈ Flight Operations ✈ Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service and integrity for our clients. We are committed to always listening, fully understanding your business needs, and providing the right solution.

Weber Luftfahrttechnik GmbH

Engineering and manufacturing of tube and pipe assemblies for hydraulic, water, fuel,etc., frames and crash-parts in tubing, tube-bending, TIG and Orbitalwelding, brazing, NDT design hose-assemblies.

Zero Gravity Corporation

Providing parabolic (weightless) flight experiences to the general public.