Deutscher Aeroclub e.v.
The German Aero Club (DAeC) is the head-association of the air-sportswomen and -men in Germany. The DAeC-members are active in Gliding, powered flying, aero modelling, parachuting, ballooning, micro light flying and hang- and paragliding. As a future oriented association the DAeC believes in the internet as an important medium for communication.

Halcones digitales
UAS and DRONE OPERATIONS : aerial surveillance, aerial film makers, drone operations, aerial photograhy, harvest analysis, event recording, drone distribution, aerial works. Opeadores UAS: filmación y fotografía aérea, venta y distribución de drones y equipos auxiliares, trabajos aéreos.

Mothership Aeronautics
Mothership Aeronautics manufactures and operates sUAS for surveillance aerial data collection of infrastructure. Our specialty lies in high endurance solar powered autonomous airships for linear infrastructure inspection.