Deutscher Aeroclub e.v.
The German Aero Club (DAeC) is the head-association of the air-sportswomen and -men in Germany. The DAeC-members are active in Gliding, powered flying, aero modelling, parachuting, ballooning, micro light flying and hang- and paragliding. As a future oriented association the DAeC believes in the internet as an important medium for communication.

Parachuting School of Château d'Oex (EPCO)
Founded 20 years ago, the School of Parachuting of Château d'Oex (EPCO), was the first school in Switzerland to offer jumps from 4000m height. Recognized by the "Swiss Federation of Parachuting" and by "United States Parachute Association", our school teaches parachuting according to the most modern methods. Since 1995, our policy of communication was "web" oriented and therefore, it is quite natural that we chose our web address to be

Sky Sports (NZ) Ltd
We are the oldest operational skydiving dropzone in New Zealand. We started jumping out of planes in 1968 and haven't stopped having fun since! Our students have gone on to become world champions. Our Instructors have been in the game for more than 30 years, so they have vast and deep knowledge about all aspects of skydiving. This makes your Tandem and AFF skydives with us safe and illuminating from the learning point of view.