The Magic of the Domain Name System

The domain name system (DNS), is a core part of the technology that underpins the Internet and that lies behind .aero, evolution of the DNS has important practical implications.

For example, one domain name (say can serve as a single unique identifier for different services/access methods. The holders of the domain can configure relevant information – how can people reach me people via VoIP, what is the e-mail address I use right now, the location of the name server, the URI for Web service or the public key required for sending an encrypted message. Armed with the DNS, there is no need to inform partners about changes in individual addresses (for example a new supplier) – they are automatically distributed by the DNS.

This is important: using domain names rather than IP addresses to locate services provides greater flexibility when switching suppliers of communication services (no need to reset the connections with
others, just change the domain name records) and may eventually allow creation of dynamic virtual private networks (VPNs). A well-structured names space allows users and systems to locate other systems and services without even the small delay of using a search directory.

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