Domain Hijacking

We would like to bring to your attention the topic of "domain hijacking", recently described in the ICANN report, named: "Domain Name Hijacking: Incidents, Threats, Risks, and Remedial Actions" and the full text has been published here:

This report brings out the very serious issue of domain hijacking and it's consequences. It gives real time examples and recommendations for safety measures. We believe it would be very much needed and useful if we educate the .aero customers on the topic, in order to prevent cases of domain hijacking of
.aero domains and specify the risks.

A number of the recommendations from this report have already been implemented since .aero launched its operation. Such examples are: the use of AuthInfo; 5-days Registry-lock etc.

While we are not aware of domain hijacking incidents with .aero domains, would like to bring the risk to attention of our customers and also ensure that steps any further steps that can be taken to avoid such incidents are identified and implemented.

For the purpose, we have published a few dedicated Q&A here.