Spreading the message

NamesBeyond – the US-based ICANN–accredited .aero registrar – has been successfully using the media to spread the message that airlines only have until 30 November this year to register their pre-reserved IATA-location identifiers within the .aero domain.

After 1 December, those airport codes will be available for registration to any qualifying organization or individual, on a first-come-first-served basis and through accredited registrars. Codes which have already been registered, or which cannot be registered, for example due to contractual obligations between SITA and ICANN, will not be released as part of this process.

In an interview with the founder, President and CEO of NamesBeyond in our last issue, Uma Murali noted that her company was "investing substantially in marketing the value of .aero, and convincing users to switch to the domain. We are ramping up our campaigns, and have committed significant resources to build a strong and sustained presence in the .aero marketplace".

NamesBeyond obtained widespread media coverage of their release in more than 40 publications across the US, from the highly technical XML Journal to the more broadly-based Philadelphia Business Journal and the Los Angeles Times.

Still time to act

In last issue's interview, Ms Murali also noted the need to educate users about .aero: "Once potential clients understand the reliability and the power of branding their company with a .aero identity, we find customers are happy with their experience. A bit more education, a lot more branding and .aero will grow to its full potential".

To date, more than 170 airports have registered their 3-letter airport codes (location identifiers, reserved exclusively for airport use since 2002) as .aero domains.

If you are representing an airport and have not yet registered the relevant 3-letter airport code, you can submit a Membership ID request by contacting www.namesbeyond.com Alternatively go to www.information.aero/registration/register_reserved