Spreading the word across North America...

Through June and July, the .aero domain is featuring on the home page of PartsBase.com, the world's largest on-line aviation market place. With a bias towards the massive North American market, the company nevertheless serves 23,000 end-users, representing some 4,500 member companies worldwide.

PartsBase began operating as a division of Aviation Labs in Houston, Texas in 1996, with a view to using Internet technology to streamline business processes for the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries The division was spun off into its own entity, PartsBase Inc. in 1999.

PartsBase.com offers buyers and sellers a database of more than 50 million line items, repair/overhaul capabilities and government logistics search. Users include over 300 airlines, as well as OEMs, distributors, maintenance, repair & overhaul companies, and government contractors.