SITA demonstrates community spirit by launching the world's first industry specific voice exchange

SITA, the world's leading service provider of IT business solutions and communications services to the air transport industry (ATI), today launched the industry's first –Voice Exchange – an innovative service designed to allow members of the air transport community to dramatically reduce communication costs and providing a secure, efficient and flexible alternative to the legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Brussels, Belgium – June 23, 2006

SITA presents .aero renewal plans to ICANN – update

On December 16, 2005, SITA submitted its renewal proposal to ICANN and confirmed its commitment to act as sponsor of the .aero TLD. SITA believes that its continued sponsorship would be in the best interest of the Sponsored TLD Community.

SITA's Voice Exchange and .aero

The imminent introduction of the SITA Voice Exchange will add a further incentive to customers to move towards convergence of voice and data. The technology at last brings together the strengths of IP VPN, the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the Internet – and it originated in the early development work of the .aero team.

The benefits of convergence are increasingly well understood.

The challenge set by RFID community services

RFID (radio frequency identification devices) technology can bring substantial benefits to the Air Transport Community in the form of cost reductions, improvements in productivity, customer services and safety, but also as a means to generate new revenues. As an emerging technology there are still many barriers to community-wide adoption, one of them being the risk associated with the deployment of RFID infrastructure and development of applications. This is a risk that can be substantially reduced through the introduction of a shared infrastructure and service.

What registrants are saying about .aero

Our Geneva-based team recently conducted a telephone survey of .aero domain name holders who had not renewed their registrations. As Elena Vladkova explained, the principal reason was a simple breakdown of communication between the registrar and their registrant.

We also took the opportunity of asking a number of general questions over the registrants' experience of .aero. Briefly, their responses were as follows:

When NATA decided to launch a new website...

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) also recognized the importance of a clearer identification with the air transport community. The previous domain name – ( was not available – it's the National Athletic Trainer's Association) was replaced by the more logical

The makeover was part of a strategic move to create a more user-friendly homepage and some sections that are password-protected and accessible only by NATA members.