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.aero domain registrars can offer to their .aero customers a one stop shop for registration of .aero domain names.

On October 7, 2006 .aero the top level domain of aviation, will launch a new one step registration process for .aero domain names.

In the past, all customers had to pass a .aero eligibility verification process concluded by the issue of .aero ID from SITA before proceeding to register .aero domain names with a .aero registrar.


Over the past few months, SITA the sponsor of .aero has been actively recruiting new registrars, to join the current group of .aero authorized registrars. This expanded sales channel offers potential registrants, as well as existing registrants, a wider choice of registrar based services in a variety of languages such as web hosting and email services, corporate services and internet know-how, over and above domain name registration

Highlighting a few of our new registrars, offering .aero registrations


From e-ticketing to the replacement of bar-coded baggage tags with the more robust RFID tags, ID technology is fast becoming a crucial topic for discussion.

As an emerging technology there are still many barriers to community-wide adoption, one of them being the risk associated with the deployment of RFID infrastructure and the development of applications. This is a risk that can be substantially reduced through the introduction of a shared infrastructure and service.